This blog is my journal for recording the process of learning how to write software that runs on Apple devices.  I had worked exclusively with Microsoft technology throughout most of my career.  Switching mental gears has been quite an adventure!

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  1. Julian says:

    I’m little bit shocked, truly 🙂
    But it’s OK, you’ve been with .Net during 7 years, and this time is to be 7 years with another one, completely different technology. But I believe that you still with us – WPFs, .Nets developers.

    with many thanks, and pleasure,


  2. NYC Soon says:

    I am considering a move to NYC to work for Infusion and was hoping to get some input from someone that has been there and done that. Drop me a line if you can/want to, I would really like to get your insight.

  3. Marco says:

    Man, this is cool. I also work with .NET and I’m dying to go to iOS development (for lots of reasons) and I was looking today for something that could help and found your book. Very nice sample so far. I even took a course back in 2010 at the Big Nerd Ranch but I think you’re right on the target writing this book. Thanks.

    • Josh Smith says:

      Thanks a lot, Marco! I’m really glad to hear this. 🙂

      • Aljun Bellen says:

        sir may i ask something about the IP camera and the android app that you create can you please send me the full code at may email… anicacute09@gmail.com.. I really appreciate your help sir.. I am working with our Thesis about that kind.. Thank You sir.. Good day!

      • Baher says:

        Hello, Mr/Smith
        we’re interested with your work, If you kindly send us a contact of you to talk with you about the project we need. if you interested of course.

  4. Joris Bos says:

    Hi Josh, Does this mean you’ve left .NET development? Will we see something from your hands when Windows Phone 8 launches? (WinRT). It would be sad to see you go as a .NET community leader in control and tool-development. Really love the work you’ve done for WPF. I Still work with it everyday, sad to see it never got to be a first-class citizen..

    • Josh Smith says:

      I have not decided to never again work in .NET but I also have no plans to return to it, unless Microsoft becomes a major player in the mobile space. I hope they succeed because that would make my years of .NET programming experience a more valuable skillset. As far as I can tell, Apple is winning and I only want to follow the leader.

      • Jason says:

        follow the leader?
        why don’t you program in Java for android then. Android is the leader in mobile, worldwide.

  5. TNV Balaji says:

    Nice Blog ! I had downloaded Master WPF iphone App it is Awesome.

  6. steve says:

    Josh, thanks for writing the book. I have wanted to get into ios development going so far to buy a really nice macbook set up with massive ram and doing my windows development in vms. So far so good but nothing was pushing me on the apple stuff or making it look easy enough to dive into. I was considering one of those expensive 5k classes but thought there has to be stuff out there for better money. Most tutorials have stuff all over the place and I could never be sure what was right or most up to date. I came across Ray Wenderlich’s site and yours and realized I can actually do this. Your book alone took a lot of the mystery out of this and I can begin to understand what I am looking at and how this stuff works behind the scenes.

  7. Wei says:

    Hello Josh,

    I saw your wonderful article “Displaying a Data Matrix in WPF”. It help me a lot. Thank you very much. Could you kindly give me some hint about making the matrix automatically update any changes in its data.


  8. Koby says:

    Hello Josh,
    your work and samples online have really inspired me a lot in WPF and MVVM.
    I was wondering if you’d interested to come to NY for a day or two to share some of your experience and knowledge face to face with my team. if Interested please contact me through email.

  9. Peter says:


    I’ve been a long time follower, whenever I had WPF problems or questions I always ended up on your blog. I Admire your work and insight. With that being said, I have started flirting with iOS as well, so here I am on your new blog 🙂 I would love to ask you a few questions about iOS, would you mind getting in touch with me so we can exchange a few emails?

    Thank you!

  10. Tina says:

    Josh, are you still with iOS? There were much .NET/C# news these last few days. What is your thought?

  11. iFredOS says:

    Following your post “Maximizing the Preview Assistant Editor in Xcode 6”, I tried to do it with Xcode 6.1 and your trick don’t work. It don’t sync the view from the first window to the second one. It’s like a double of my Storyboard and needs to click manually on the second window to see the actual scene I work on the first Storyboard window. Can you help me to understand?

  12. Aljun Bellen says:

    sir may i ask something about the IP camera and the android app that you create can you please send me the full code at may email… anicacute09@gmail.com.. I really appreciate your help sir.. I am working with our Thesis about that kind.. Thank You sir.. Good day!

  13. per says:

    Josh – Great Swift array to dictionary converter. I could really use it for what I’m doing. Problem is that I can’t figure out how to get it to work for anything but 2 elements in the array. Can you point me to what needs to change to accomplish smth like:

    struct Person
    let name: String
    let lname: String
    let age: Int

    let people = [
    Person(name: “Billy”,lname: “Austin”, age: 42),
    Person(name: “David”,lname: “Jacobs”, age: 24),
    Person(name: “Maria”,lname: “Peters”, age: 99)]

    let dictionary = toDictionary(people) { ($0.name, $0.lname, $0.age) }

    returns (Can not invoke toDictionary with an argument list of type ‘([Person],(_) -> _)’


  14. Thomas Marton says:

    Hey Josh
    I like your codewith the ip camera and the android app but it doesn’t work…
    could you send me the hole code to my email? (thomasmarton87@gmail.com)
    Thank you very much.

    • Graham Jones says:

      Thanks for posting the IP camera instructions – it was very informative (especially the bit about the different protocols).
      You have lots of comments asking for your code because it doesn’t work. I had the same problem so thought I’d share a few thoughts:
      – Your code does work, provided:
      1) RTSP authentication is successful (I had to put the username and password in the URL rather than use headers for one of my cameras).
      2) The video and audio formats are compatible with the stock android capability. This was a big deal for me – I had two cameras, a Wansview and a Foscam H264 camera, which just gave a blank screen and an ‘Error 1’ in the logcat – this was because of the audio format not being compatible with Android.

      Basically both of the above issues gave the ‘Error 1’ (=unspecified error!!!), which was not helpful. I am in the process of implementing something similar to your idea using a separate library (GStreamer), which can cope with the other audio formats – it is not tidy yet, but will be at https://github.com/jones139/OpenSeizureDetector/tree/master/BenTv_Android.
      It took a lot of doing to work out what was wrong, which I suspect is why you had so many comments on that post!

      Graham Jones

  15. somesh says:

    Video streaming from an IP camera to an Android phone :

    amazing work and can u guide me to manually enter the url

  16. michael says:

    Have you worked with WPF and touch? We are having a tough time getting the performance to not lag and be generally poor. Wasn’t sure if you or someone you knew had some experience hammering WPF touch into shape.

    Found you through your book btw, Nice work. It helped me in some of my side projects.

  17. saranga says:

    Video streaming from an IP camera to an Android phone

    Can you Please post the source code for “Video streaming from an IP camera to an Android phone” Please to “sarangarao@gmail.com”

  18. M.waqas says:

    interactin of ip camera with andriod phone any time see the video in andriod phone using ip camera.these are my undergraduate final year project.kindly send me helping metrial

  19. shrajan tiwari says:

    Video streaming from an IP camera to an Android phone

    Can you Please post the source code for “Video streaming from an IP camera to an Android phone” Please to “shrajan28@gmail.com

  20. Siraj says:

    Hi Josh,

    I am planning to learn swift for ios mobile developement . As like you, I am a .NET developer with 3.5 years experience.

    My questions is very simple but I would like to get an idea on this – How much time will it take approximately to learn swift and develop the basic mobile application?

    I have Xamarin as well crossing my mind but , real world scenario is like more value for native mobile development skills

  21. Shimmy says:

    I miss those Silverlight mania days you and Karl Shifflett were wrecking the net. I hope you guys come back to check out Xamarin.Forms.

  22. nagikho says:

    Hey Josh, i need source code in that page https://ijoshsmith.com/2014/01/25/video-streaming-from-an-ip-camera-to-an-android-phone/. If you send me i will pray you so much : )

  23. yoonkyungbae says:

    Dear Josh.
    Hello, I am a student in Korea.
    If possible, I really hope source code in that page.

    Your post is very good!!

  24. Preetham says:

    Hello Josh Smith Sir,
    I have attempted “Video spilling from an IP camera to an Android telephone” in your blog Post with HikVision cc camera its extremely steps and viable advances however the thing is the live streaming is postponed upto 15-20 seconds . I don’t have a clue about the issue of the delay in streaming Please help me out to take care of this issue…

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