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Objective-C Literals for iOS in Xcode 4.4

Apple recently released Xcode 4.4, which includes several minor enhancements for iOS developers. One of those features, named Objective-C Literals, is fully supported for OS X desktop apps, but is still a work-in-progress for iOS apps. This “teaser” preview has … Continue reading

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What to do when Xcode 4 won’t open your project

If you might find yourself in a situation where you try to open an Xcode project but it only shows a blank window with “No Editor” in the middle, don’t panic! Instead of creating a new project from scratch, or … Continue reading

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Debugging exceptions in Xcode 4.2

One of the hidden gems in Xcode 4.2 is the “Exception Breakpoint” feature. Once you enable it, your debugging life becomes much easier because whenever an exception is thrown in your app, Xcode will bring up the line of code … Continue reading

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Great, free, short videos about Xcode 4

In case you haven’t already watched them, I suggest checking out the Xcode 4 video tutorials published by The Pragmatic Studio. Each of them is short and to the point, and free! Even though I have been using Xcode 4 … Continue reading

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Jumping to counterpart files in Xcode 4.1

I upgraded my MacBook Pro today to the new Lion version of the OSX operating system. After downloading and installing Lion, I was forced to upgrade Xcode from version 4 to 4.1. It took quite a while to complete. After … Continue reading

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Creating a custom UITableViewCell in iOS 4

This post explains how to create a custom table view cell that you can design ┬áin Interface Builder and Xcode 4. Not only are the cells designable in IB, but they also have a code file in which you can … Continue reading

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