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Colin Eberhardt reviews iOS Programming for .NET Developers

A fellow by the name of Colin Eberhardt in the U.K. has reviewed my book that teaches .NET devs how to write iPhone and iPad apps. Colin’s review of iOS Programming for .NET Developers is circumspect and has reasonable critiques. … Continue reading

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Objective-C Literals for iOS in Xcode 4.4

Apple recently released Xcode 4.4, which includes several minor enhancements for iOS developers. One of those features, named Objective-C Literals, is fully supported for OS X desktop apps, but is still a work-in-progress for iOS apps. This “teaser” preview has … Continue reading

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My book about iOS programming is now available in iBooks

Well, that was fast! Less than forty-eight hours after I submitted iOS Programming for .NET Developers to Apple’s iBookstore, it got approved and is now available for sale worldwide. I heard of some books taking weeks or even months to … Continue reading

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My book about iOS programming is now available!

Over the past several months I have been working like a madman on a book that explains iOS to .NET developers. I’m proud to announce that iOS Programming for .NET Developers has been published! Like my last book, this book … Continue reading

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