Colin Eberhardt reviews iOS Programming for .NET Developers

A fellow by the name of Colin Eberhardt in the U.K. has reviewed my book that teaches .NET devs how to write iPhone and iPad apps. Colin’s review of iOS Programming for .NET Developers is circumspect and has reasonable critiques. He summarizes the review with a few sentences that made me sigh with relief, because they confirm that I succeeded in writing a book that .NET developers gain real value by reading. Colin writes…

“What makes this book unique is that it helps you leverage your existing skills in a way that you would find very hard to do by yourself. The similarities between the two environments are far from obvious, but I am happy to say that there are a great many! I feel that reading this book has increased my comprehension of iOS application development far quicker than a standard text on learning iOS would have allowed.”

Visit Book Review: iOS Programming for .NET Developers for the full review.

Thanks for the review, Colin!

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5 Responses to Colin Eberhardt reviews iOS Programming for .NET Developers

  1. Michel Renaud says:

    Good review! I’ve only checked out the sample so far (still deciding which version of the book to buy…) I just received my 27″ iMac today (my bank account is blaming you, Josh ;)). As soon as this is all set up I’ll be digging into your book. I’ve been reading a bit about Objective-C in some free books from Apple and I must say I’m kind of lost. Based on that review, it definitely looks like your book is exactly what the doctor ordered to get me up to speed quickly – I can then dive into less friendly books (at least for someone coming from “the other side”) on the subject.

    • Josh Smith says:

      Thanks for the update, Michel. I would love to have a 27″ iMac. Those things are majestic! I look forward to reading your thoughts about my book, if you’re willing to share them later on. Enjoy the journey!

    • Josh Smith says:

      Regarding which version of my book to get, I recently added an FAQ on the book’s homepage [ ] which explains that due to the Kindle publishing process, the images in the Kindle version are lower quality than in iBooks. If you have a choice between the two, get the iBooks version. Obviously the images in the paperback edition are great, too. All editions are the same price.

      • I ended up getting the iBooks version last weekend. Still setting up and getting used to the Mac (I haven’t even installed XCode yet), but I’ve started reading the book – Objective-C is really weird, but already just a few pages in I’m understanding a few things better than I did when I took a quick look at the free Apple book on the language. Good stuff. The comparisons against C# really help for some things. I’ll most likely write up some review on my neglected blog once I’ve had a chance to use the book “for real” (i.e. once I’ve used it for writing some first “toy app”). I’ve already plugged the book on the blog, but since it’s so neglected it doesn’t get many visitors. 🙂

      • Josh Smith says:

        That’s great, Michel. Thanks a lot! Enjoy the journey…

        On Aug 13, 2012,

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