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Finding unused resource strings in an iOS app

If you work on an iOS or OS X app that uses Strings files to store localized display text, over time those files can accumulate¬†entries that are no longer used.¬†Perhaps a developer forgot to remove a resource string when refactoring … Continue reading

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A custom Terminal command to show/hide hidden files in the Mavericks Finder

In my previous blog post I showed the Terminal commands that allow you to cause Finder to display hidden files and directories. By default Finder does not show a file or directory if its name begins with a period, such … Continue reading

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View hidden files and directories with Finder in OS X Mavericks

With the release of OS X Mavericks the old Terminal command that causes Finder to show hidden files and directories no longer works. If you want to see hidden files, such as a .gitignore file in your repository, open a … Continue reading

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iOS questions from a WPF developer

While vacationing in Hawaii recently I was contacted by a developer named Peter who had some iOS programming questions for me. Peter’s background is in WPF, just like me, and he is now moving into iOS programming (welcome to the … Continue reading

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Determine the size of a View by inspecting its NIB

I was exploring the UICollectionView API tonight and stumbled upon an old problem. Both UITableView and UICollectionView ask their delegate for size information about the cells they display. When creating cells in separate XIB files, which I normally do, this … Continue reading

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