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Determine the size of a View by inspecting its NIB

I was exploring the UICollectionView API tonight and stumbled upon an old problem. Both UITableView and UICollectionView ask their delegate for size information about the cells they display. When creating cells in separate XIB files, which I normally do, this … Continue reading

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Brief overview of Auto Layout in iOS 6

This blog post examines the basics of Auto Layout in iOS 6 and suggests resources for learning more about the topic. Introduction to Auto Layout Starting with iOS 6 Apple has given developers a powerful new way to create user … Continue reading

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Check out the iOS 6 Feast

Ray Wenderlich, whose iOS programming tutorials have helped countless aspiring iOS developers learn the trade, is now hosting a gigantic feast of iOS 6 goodness. He has dubbed it the iOS 6 Feast because there is course after course of … Continue reading

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What’s so bad about delighting users?

This is a sponsored post from my good friends over at Infragistics. Think of the last time you heard someone say “no, we can’t put that feature in the application because it might make our users more comfortable”.  It is … Continue reading

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