Check out the iOS 6 Feast

Ray Wenderlich, whose iOS programming tutorials have helped countless aspiring iOS developers learn the trade, is now hosting a gigantic feast of iOS 6 goodness. He has dubbed it the iOS 6 Feast because there is course after course of delicious knowledge being served. His team has been hard at work preparing tutorials, books, and sample code to help make it easier for the rest of us to quickly learn about the new features in iOS 6.

The last course of Ray’s feast is a growing list of iOS-related products being given away for free. I decided to contribute a free copy of my book iOS Programming for .NET Developers.

Yesterday I bought, and have since been devouring, one of his team’s new books titled iOS 6 by Tutorials. It is an unbelievably large and comprehensive book about all of the great new features that iOS devs must know about to remain relevant and tasty in the job market. 😉

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