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Categories in Objective-C

Objective-C has a feature called “categories” that allows you to extend the API of a type. It’s somewhat similar to extension methods in C# in that you can define methods which can be invoked on an instance of some class you … Continue reading

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Messages and methods in Objective-C

After experimenting with Objective-C for a while now, I find the language is gradually growing on me.  It’s still a bit strange in some spots, and I have a lot left to learn, but it’s starting to make sense.  One … Continue reading

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Dissecting an NSArray

Objective-C is based on good old C.  It also has support for object oriented programming, such as classes, virtual methods, and lots of the goodies I’m accustomed to using in C#. One of the classes included in the Foundation library … Continue reading

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The art of unpacking a MacBook Pro

My new MacBook Pro arrived at our apartment today.  I’m very excited!  It’s a killer machine: PROCESSOR: 2.66GHz Intel Core i7 MEMORY: 8GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRM – 2x4GB HARD DRIVE: 128GB Solid State Drive DISPLAY: 15″ HR Antiglare WS Display … Continue reading

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Basic Xcode 3 keyboard shortcuts

While learning Objective-C it is natural to also learn about Xcode, Apple’s free IDE. Coming from a firmly entrenched background of using Visual Studio, and all of the standard keyboard shortcuts it provides, it is rather frustrating to suddenly be … Continue reading

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Starting all over again

Hi.  I’m Josh Smith, and I’m addicted to creating software.  Here’s my mugshot: I have been a professional software developer for the past seven years.  During that time I have worked exclusively on Microsoft platforms, mostly the .NET framework.  I … Continue reading

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