Creating an iOS Wizard UI in Swift

I published a reusable framework, written in Swift, for implementing the Wizard UI design pattern, named Wizardry. It simplifies creating a user interface composed of multiple view controllers that enables the user to complete a task. This is a particularly important UI design pattern for mobile apps due to the small screen size.


Over the years I have built wizards for several applications, on various of platforms and with different languages. The design approach seen in Wizardry is the culmination of these efforts, with a simple, clean API that I hope developers find intuitive and complete.

Wizardry’s README file explains how to use it to build your own wizard. For a complete example, refer to the demo project.

About Josh Smith

Josh Smith is a musician at heart, and a software developer by obsession. He lives in Arizona, plays classical music on the piano, jazz on the guitar, and enjoys brutally long rides on his bicycle. He has a wonderful wife & son and thinks that, in general, life is good.
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