Simplifying NSJSONSerialization in Swift

While writing a pet project app in Swift I put together this convenience function that simplifies converting an NSData into JSON objects via the NSJSONSerialization class. My JSONObjectWithData function adds a Swift-friendly API on top of the Foundation method of the same name. Here is a Gist showing how it works and how to use it.

import Foundation
/** Outputs of the JSONObjectWithData function. */
enum JSONObjectWithDataResult
case Success(AnyObject)
case Failure(NSError)
Attempts to convert the specified NSData to JSON objects
and returns either the root JSON object or an error.
func JSONObjectWithData(
data: NSData,
options: NSJSONReadingOptions = nil)
-> JSONObjectWithDataResult
var error: NSError?
let json: AnyObject? =
options: options,
error: &error)
return json != nil
? .Success(json!)
: .Failure(error ?? NSError())
// Example usage
func readSomeJSON()
// Get JSON data somewhere…
let data = NSData()
switch JSONObjectWithData(data)
case .Success(let json): println("json: \(json)")
case .Failure(let error): println("error: \(error)")

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