iOS Developer Evangelist Job Opportunity

This blog post is my attempt at playing matchmaker. A buddy of mine is looking to hire an iOS developer evangelist. Here is the job description, as described by Colin himself…

Hi. Let me introduce myself. I’m Colin Eberhardt, and with our band of Xcode-wielding ninjas, we are ShinobiControls. Together, we are on a secret mission to make the life of every iOS developer easier. Our ninjas are carefully crafting iOS charts, grids and controls for you to make applications awesome. But to do this we need your help.

Our ninjas are masked and sworn to secrecy – treading the delicate pathways to Objective-C enlightenment under the cover of darkness. What we need is someone to help bring Shinobi into the light. Are you …

+ A prolific blogger?
+ An iOS guru with an active following?
+ Someone who is a confident presenter and speaker?
+ Controversial? Outspoken?

If you are any of the above, then we want to hear from you. We want someone to don the Shinobi headgear and go out into the world spreading the word. If you are a contractor / freelancer, this could be a part time role.

Interested? Meet me in the dead of night, behind the Apple sign on the Infinite Loop.

… or send me an email,, whichever is easiest.

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