Two Letters is now available in the App Store

My iPhone app called Two Letters is now available in the App Store.  Two Letters is a game for Scrabble and crossword puzzle lovers who want to learn and memorize the two-letter words.  Learning the two-letter words is important for serious Scrabble players, and this app makes it fun to learn them.  The home page for the app can be found here:

Have a great day!

About Josh Smith

Josh Smith is a musician at heart, and a software developer by obsession. He lives in Arizona, plays classical music on the piano, jazz on the guitar, and enjoys brutally long rides on his bicycle. He has a wonderful wife & son and thinks that, in general, life is good.
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  1. Karthik says:

    Hi Josh…
    Great to see your leap from WPF to Objective C! Just curious… Did you use MonoDevelop for Two letters or was it Objective C all the way?


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